An excellent report by New York-based JWT Intelligence — 100 Things to Watch in 2011 — is bouncing around the internet right now.  The authors seem to have a pulse on key aspects of the internet, including mobile, advertising, media, and technology trends.  But I noticed at least six things to watch that relate directly to building greener homes.  Here’s what JWT says to watch in 2010:

1.  3D Printing – 3D printers will become “mainstream.“  With software like Google SketchUp and 3D printers, expect to be able to build lamps, furniture, and even houses.

7.  Bamboo – as the “sustainable building material of the future,” bamboo will be everywhere.

11.  Biomimicry – architects and designers will continue to take inspiration from nature to create better materials and buildings.

19. Coming Clean with Green – new FTC guidelines will require more transparent, accurate green claims.

42. Home Energy Monitors – easy-to-use monitors and home-chargeable vehicles will create more interest in home energy management.

86. Stricter Green Building Standards – some will move beyond LEED to more stringent standards like the Living Building Challenge or Passive House.

What green building trends do you anticipate in 2011?

Credit: JWT Intelligence.