Earth Bound Homes is involved with several ultra-green homes and this one in California deserves a mention.  It was designed by Bill Leddy, LMS Architects, and built by Earth Bound Homes for David and Stephania Kaneda, receiving a Green Point Rated score of 268 and LEED Platinum certification.

Behind the paper, you’ll find a 2,400 square-foot home that’s net-zero energy — it uses as much energy as it produces on an annual basis — and zero carbon — it uses only electricity and solar hot water with no carbon-based fuels.

Kaneda Residence has a Daikin Altherma air-source heat pump, high-efficiency lighting, HRV with HEPA filters, R50 ceiling and R23 walls with a mixture of closed-cell foam and fiberglass insulation, aluminum-frame double-pane windows, a 7.3 kW photovoltaic system, and a six-panel solar thermal system.

The master bedroom and primary living spaces have a southern orientation and insulated concrete floors that absorb warmth in the winter.  In the summer, the owners use external shades to control solar heat gain.

For water savings and conservation, Kaneda Residence has low-flow plumbing fixtures, native landscaping, permeable pavers, and a gray water system that harvests bathroom water for irrigation.

Photo credits: Earth Bound Homes.