GE unveiled a panoply of home technology at CES this week.  The company’s taking an aggressive approach with smart green products and may just capture the heart of Americans everywhere.  If GE’s vision comes true, here’s some of what will connect the home of the future:

Energy Manager

The GE Nucleus energy manager (with Brillion technology), a communication and data storage device, talks with the smart meter to provide users electricity cost and use information to enable energy efficiency.  Future software upgrades will enable water, natural gas, and renewable energy monitoring.

Energy Display

The energy display provides near real-time energy consumption information in the form of kilowatt-hours and estimated dollars spent.

Smart Appliances

GE Profile appliances (with Brillion technology) reacts to utility pricing in order to shift consumed wattage to lower-cost, non-peak periods.  This technology will be available in refrigerators, dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers, ranges, microwaves, etc.

Efficient Lighting

Energy-efficient lighting includes the new 9-watt GE Energy Smart LED, a 40-watt equivalent light that is expected to last nearly 22 years.

EV Charging

The GE WattStation will help homeowners power up in as little as 4-8 hours while the car is parked at night or otherwise not in use.

Small Wind Power

With an investment from GE, Southwest Windpower’s new Skystream 600 is smart-grid enabled and could provide up to 80% of energy for the average home.

Credits: GE.