A new Connecticut-based firm just published this video in an effort to kickstart something called dMASS.  The video short, “Design Matters: Doing More with Less,” is a part of the larger dMASS project aiming to start a revolution in thinking that will lead to radical gains in resource performance.

The animation above illustrates how design is used to create sustainable wealth.

Throughout time, people have used bridges to connect, trade, and migrate.  But these bridges haven’t always been the same.  They’ve grown larger and longer and haven’t necessarily required more materials — creating more benefits using less resources.

With a growing global population and a corresponding insatiable demand for resources, Howard J. Brown, founder of dMASS, explains that providers in all corners of the economy must find a way — like the evolving bridge — to give more benefits to people using less resources, without wasting a lot of time in the process.

There’s a tremendous opportunity here for designers and businesses who want to be leaders and who are able to apply these ideas on a larger and more transformative scale,” according to Brown.

[+] More info about Design Matters from dMASS.

Credit: dMASS.