Austin-based documentary filmmaker and instructional designer Jim Bruno was kind enough to tell me about his new short film entitled “Louis Burns & Austin Tiny House.“  The subject is Louis Burns and his reflections building a tiny house.  Burns built the minimalist, Spartan space in a plug-and-play style — all it needs is a heavy-duty extension cord and garden hose.

Austin Tiny House, which is now for sale for $15,000, is 80 square feet and built on a 16-foot trailer.  It has energy-efficient windows, LED lights, a composting toilet, and a modular folding kitchen.

As the video implies, the Tiny House Movement is growing stronger everyday.  It’s radical — based on, perhaps, a desire for minimalism, self-reliance, simplicity, sustainability, or some combination of all of these things.  Folks all across the country are building these homes.

If you want to learn more about how Burns built the tiny structure, his website is chock full of resourceful information.  Also, Bruno’s short video is a segment in a forth-coming, work-in-progress documentary on eco-friendly, sustainable design and living.