Let's say you can't put solar on your roof.  One option to tap into solar power would be to purchase a share of community solar.  Another option, depending on your land situation, would be a pole-mounted setup with system that tracks the sun.  Wattsun, the residential arm of manufacturer Array Technologies, offers a few such PV systems worth checking out. 

These sun trackers can be single axis with the solar panels rotating east to west with the sun on a vertical pole, or they can be dual axis with east-to-west rotation and vertical movement to follow the sun's elevation. 

Wattsun Trackers, which are manufactured in the USA, have an optical sun-sensing device that guides the system.  Research shows that these systems outperform fixed arrays by optimizing the solar harvest with panels that face the sun throughout the day. 

Wattsun offers single- and dual-axis trackers that mount up to 125 square feet of photovoltaics or 1800 watts from +$3,385 (dual axis runs +$525).  The company also offers dual-axis trackers that mount up to 225 square feet of photovoltaics or 3300 watts from +$6,250.  

Credits: Wattsun Trackers.