I’m always surprised by what goes popular, but I can’t necessarily blame readers for liking what they like.  I like these articles, too.  It’s fun to see them shared on Facebook and retweeted through Twitter, giving us an opportunity to refine the material that gets published.  Below you’ll find the top 10 articles as determined by site analytics and five additional favorites.  Enjoy and happy new year!

#1: Ultra-Thin Super Insulation with Aerogel

Aerogel insulation is 99% air, breathable, strong, and doesn’t absorb water.  It’s a fantastic insulator with a thin profile.  Read more.

#2: Modern Off-Grid Signal Shed in Oregon

Signal Shed, an off-grid, low-impact, shelter of 130 square feet, was built in the wilderness near Joseph, Oregon for about $10,000.  Read more.

#3: Off-Grid Prefab ZeroHouse Now Available!

ZeroHouse hit the internet like a tornado a couple years ago and the firm that designed the tiny, off-grid modular house is looking for a visionary to build it.  Read more.

#4: Rocio Romero Debuts Stackable Prefabs

Rocio Romero, the architect behind the LV series of prefab homes, just announced the availability of stackable prefabs called LV2 and an estimated cost to build of about $120 psf.  Read more.

#5: Stylish New Green Prefab from FabCab

FabCab – short for fabulous cabin –- is a new endeavor offering eco-friendly prefab and kit dwellings.  Shown is a 538 square-foot home priced at about $85,000.  Read more.

#6: New Container House Prototype for Haiti

The Shipping Container Housing project aims to rapidly fabricate temporary relief housing out of 20 foot used containers with rainwater harvesting and solar panels.  Read more.

#7: The E.D.G.E. of a Modern Green Home

E.D.G.E. — Experimental Dwelling for a Greener Environment — has 480 square feet and rainwater harvesting, geothermal HVAC, heat recovery ventilation, passive solar design, and insulated shutter doors.  Read more.

#8: First Look: Honeywell Wind Turbine Spinning

Honeywell Wind Turbine WT6500 has a diameter of 67 inches, weighs 170 pounds, and can be mounted on a pole, roof, or commercial mount to generate energy in winds as low as 2 mph.  Read more.

#9: Preview of the HGTV Green Home 2010

HGTV Green Home 2010 is located in The Pinehills neighborhood of Plymouth, Massachusetts and built with rainwater collection, soy-based spray foam insulation, Energy Star roofing, solar PV, and Smart Sun efficient windows.  Read more.

#10: MEKA Unveils Modular Container Houses

Toronto-based housing company MEKA made national headlines with the launch of small, modern container homes ranging in size from 320 to 1,280 square feet and in price from $40,000 – $128,000.  Read more.

Interview with a Passive House Owner*

We interview Joe Turner, owner of the first Passive House in Utah and in the western United States, and discuss design, construction, financing, appraisals, and living in a Passive House.  Read more.

Gardening with Community Solar Power*

Like a community garden, solar gardens are trending high as an alternative to provide green energy to people and businesses who can’t (or won’t) generate solar power on site.  Read more.

Fabrication for the Future: The Modules*

The Modules at TempleTown, a prefabricated apartment building, embodies what many believe to be the benefits of off-site fabrication: waste reduction, speedy construction, and cost savings.  Read more.

EPS: Miles Per Gallon Rating for Homes*

In the Pacific Northwest, momentum is building for the Energy Performance Score, which was conceived by the folks at the Earth Advantage Institute, but watch for the Home Energy Score that launched later.  Read more.

Flood-Proof Green Home on the Beach*

This flood-proof home was built as a prototype.  It’s 450 square feet, certifiably green, undeniably contemporary, and meets FEMA standards of the area.  Read more.

*These are editor’s choice of favorites from 2010.