I thought there would be a slowing of container projects, but I’ve been wrong.  They’re popular and some are well done.  That said, as mentioned last year, containers are difficult to work with — here’s a list of considerations — and some folks don’t like how they look like.  Perhaps some of these will change the general perception of that, though.

Container Crossbox with a Green Roof

Crossbox in Brittany was built with four containers — two of which cantilever over the others — and is covered with a green roof.  Read more.

One Cool Shipping Container Habitat

New Zealand-based One Cool Habitat makes tiny container habitats and ships them across the world.  Base models start at about $29,500.  Read more.

Reflective Container Studio Space in New York

An artist with a limited budget needed an “inviting and reflective” studio and eventually used containers to get it done.  Read more.

MEKA Tiny Container House in NYC

Toronto-based MEKA unveiled a 320 square-foot show house in the West Village area of New York City.  A home like this sells from about $39,000.  Watch the video.

Lakeside Container Retreat in Sri Lanka

Built with used containers and timber from weapon boxes, this ultra-simple container structure was built by soldiers in Sri Lanka.  Read more.

Industrial Green Frame House in Verona

This two-level container showcase with 1,500 square feet was built with six containers and several products from DuPont.  Read more.

Low Impact Container Studio in Texas

This container space in San Antonio has a green roof, bamboo floors and walls, a mini-split, and an electric Sun-Mar composting toilet.  Read more.

Green Home of the Future [Olympics]

The Home of the Future for BC Hydro Power Smart Village was made with two shipping containers and wrapped in cedar and pine beetle wood cladding.  Read more.

Custom Container Studio Pod in Austin

A Texas motorcycle builder and mechanic put his skills to work on this Studio Pod made with soy-based foam insulation, green materials, and a mini-split for about $16,000.  Read more.

Upcycled Container House in Malaysia

Ken Kwok designed this 2,551 square-foot project with rainwater harvesting, natural ventilation, water-efficient fixtures, dual-flush toilets, and abundant natural lighting.  Read more.

Eco Cabin for Camp Emerald Bay Scouts

Camp Emerald Bay scouts received this container cabin with reclaimed lumber, rubber floors, LED lights, and solar photovoltaics.  Read more.

Old Containers Get a New Scenic Life

OceanScope in Korea was built with three containers adjusted to three levels for scenic viewing of one of the largest harbors in the area.  Read more.

Puma City Revised for World Cup 2010

Puma City NY was built with two containers for FIFA World Cup 2010, creating another high-profile display of ISBU architecture.  Read more.

The Moderne Container Sales Center

This vibrant container structure was used as a temporary sales center for a mixed-use tower in Wisconsin.  Read more.

Off-Grid Container Cabins from $15,000

New Hampshire-based LEED Cabins is making container retreats for as low as $15,000 using FSC woods, energy-efficient windows and doors, LED lights, and other green materials.  Read more.

If you’re using shipping containers for a project — whether a house, retreat, tiny home, or otherwise — make sure to let us know.  If it’s unique, green, and visually stunning, we’ll share it with readers.