Italian architect Flavio Galvagni of Lab Zero sent us some information on this calming, woodsy cabin that he designed and built with the help of Raffaelli Contract.  The tiny eco hut — roughly 12.5′ wide x 14.5′ long x 10.75′ tall — can be used as a mini-lodge, mountain shelter, meditation space, or temporary dwelling.  It’s easily transportable and both off-grid and off-pipe.

The prototype is shown here and in the embedded video.  The front deck folds up and down, depending on usage, effectively disguising the cabin as a massive stack of neatly cut wood.

YETA features a mini-kitchen and mini-bathroom with a boat toilet and shower.  With carbon-based filters, rainwater is filtered for use, while black water is collected in a tank.

It’s earthquake-proof and built with larchwood on a layer of insulation.  Six photovoltaic modules cantilever flush with the roof line and power all of the hut’s functions, such as LED lighting, electrically-operated venetian blinds, ventilation fans, and a 24-volt central unit for the entry keypad, motion sensors, and environmental sensors.

Galvagni is in the process of configuring YETA in different versions that can be sold to customers.  In the mean time, you can learn more about this low-impact retreat at the YETA and Lab Zero websites.

Credits: Alessandro Gadotti, Flavio Galvagni; music: Popof.