In the past year, we’ve discussed several certified green projects but here’s the creme of the crop, 19 LEED Platinum ones.  These projects, mostly homes, all vary — new, old, big, small, modern, traditional, single family, multifamily, certified, pending.  Long story short, LEED Platinum, although difficult to attain, is where it’s at.  If you’re going to pay for certification, why go for anything less than the best?!

Net-Zero Modern House in South Korea

Samsung Green Tomorrow project is the first in East Asia to achieve LEED Platinum certification and the first zero-energy house in South Korea.  Read more.

Modern Ellis Residence Earns Platinum Award

With a vegetated roof, this is officially the first LEED Platinum single family home in the state of Washington outside of Seattle — it’s on Bainbridge Island.  Read more.

Marin Hillside House Earns LEED Platinum

This rich and contemporary residence — the first LEED Platinum home in Marin — spans four levels on a hill and incorporates a number of green elements.  Read more.

Net Zero Sungazing House in Park City

Sungazing House is attempting net-zero energy and pursuing Passive House, LEED Platinum, and NAHB Emerald certifications.  Read more.

LEED Platinum Townhomes Hit San Francisco

This seven-unit multifamily project in the Presidio was GreenPoint rated with smart systems that monitor electricity, water, and gas.  Read more.

The OC Gets a Luxury Platinum Home

The Costa Mesa Green Home exceeds California Energy Code by 40% and is the first custom residence in the OC to receive LEED Platinum certification.  Read more.

Luxury LEED Platinum on Preston Way

Solar-powered and green in Venice, this 3,115 square-foot home blends indoor and outdoor living seamlessly and features tons of green elements.  Read more.

Platinum Near Net Zero Energy in VA

This Alexandria home was built to near net zero energy standards using SIPs, efficient windows, hydronic heating and cooling, rainwater harvesting and purification systems, and a geothermal system.  Read more.

Bastyr Platinum Project Earns Top Award

Bastyr University‘s new student village was named Outstanding Multifamily Project of 2010 by the USGBC and is expected to be about 34% more efficient than code.  Read more.

First LEED Platinum Home in Fort Worth

This new home is the first and only LEED Platinum home in Fort Worth, Texas.  The minimalist home has fiber cement siding, natural daylighting, Energy Star windows and doors, and xeriscaping.  Read more.

Newport Beach LivingHome Earns Platinum

Designed by KieranTimberlake, LivingHomes announced that this solar-powered prefab in Newport Beach received LEED Platinum certification.  Read more.

New World LEED Platinum Home in Georgia

This 2,869 square-foot, three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom home was built for efficiency first, skipping costly green gadgets, and received LEED Platinum certification.  Read more.

Platinum Timber Frame Home in Oregon

The Vermont Street Project, a show home for New Energy Works, is thought to be the first timber frame home in Oregon seeking LEED Platinum certification.  Read more.

Solar Sufficient LEED Home in Houston

Award winning Virginia Point is net-zero energy, near net-zero water, and the first home in Houston to receive LEED Platinum certification.  Read more.

Affordable Housing Meets LEED Platinum

This impressive 66-unit apartment project, Silver Gardens, is the first affordable housing development in New Mexico designed and built to obtain LEED Platinum certification.  Read more.

Prescott Passive House in Kansas City

The most recent Studio 804 project, this Passive House has had a tough time selling on the market but it’s a great home designed to LEED Platinum standards.   Read more.

First LEED Platinum Multifamily Project in LA County

Casa Dominguez, an affordable, solar-powered development in Los Angeles County, is the first LEED Platinum multifamily project in the county.  Read more.

LEED Platinum Remodel in Wilmington

This North Carolina home is one of the greenest remodels ever certified by the LEED for Homes program, earning 113.5 points and a 28 HERS rating.  Read more.

Large Luxury Home Earns LEED Platinum

HGA House is nicely done, traditional, and wired up with all sorts of green gadgetry, showing others in the luxury market what it takes to secure a high level of certification.  Read more.

If you have a newly built or renovated LEED Platinum home, make sure to submit your green home to the editors for publication in 2011.