I’ve been working with a fantastic web designer, Dave Onkels of Dotvita, to migrate this massive four-year blog from Typepad to WordPress.  After Typepad’s parent company was bought by VideoEgg, I decided it was finally time to make the move.  So here’s what you’ll find as you start using the new and improved Jetson Green.

The Site Focus is Now Clear

Over the last four years, this site has published articles on everything tangentially related to “green building.”  That is still true and always will be.  However, the focus will be residential.  Going forward Jetson Green is a “design-oriented site for sustainable homes, natural materials, and green technology.”  Please view the revised about page and tell me what you think.

A Simple and Standard Layout

The layout balances content, images, navigation, advertising, and sharing while still keeping things simple.  Top navigation groups topics together.  Articles include galleries, contributor bios, related links, and share buttons.  The footer showcases popular topics and articles.  If you experience a bug, please comment below or let me know.

Easy and Vivid Image Galleries

With all articles going forward, you can click an image and rotate through the gallery without having to open and close each photo.  Plus, there’s more space, so photos and videos appear larger.  I’m doing this because projects and products deserve to look great.  Test the new gallery out on this page.

Making Contributors Look Great

All articles now include a short contributor box with background information.  In addition, I’m looking for three new contributors – a materials editor, technology editor, and building science expert.  I want contributors to look great and receive credit for their contribution.  In addition, I’d like to curate more community authorship – like this article by Fellow Chad Floyd – and will showcase them in the process.

Letting Tags Do the Heavy Lifting

I’d want to leverage WordPress tags to help readers drill into topics of interest.  Let’s say you want to read more about LEDs or tiny houses or chicken coops.  You can do that now.  In the next few months, I’ll be updating the categorization of prior articles so that they become a true resource for readers.

On the Hunt for Innovative Projects

I’m looking for the best tips.  This site has all new form submissions that you can use if you like.  Submit your green home, bathroom remodel, or kitchen renovation.  Share your project with the world!  Myself and the new editors will curate these projects and post only the best.  Here’s a tip, though: excellent photos will increase your chances of being published.

Under the Hood (if you’re interested)

This site is built and made possible with the help of some great technology, including WordPress.  In case you’re looking to start a blog or website, perhaps this list will help.  Jetson Green uses the Standard Theme, 1and1 domains, Gravity forms, Constant Contact, Bit.ly Pro, Pixelmator, and Feedburner.

And that’s about it.  Again, shout out to the team at Dotvita and Dave Onkels for making this possible.  Please contact me if you have any problems.  There will be some hiccups, but hopefully nothing too drastic.  Thank you for your continued readership!