Greenfab, developer of well-designed, sustainable homes, just installed six modules in the Jackson Place neighborhood of Seattle for what’s expected to be the city’s first LEED Platinum modular home.  The demonstration home is owned by Robert Humble of HyBrid, project architect and general contractor, and will target net-zero energy and Built Green 5-Star certification.

The modules – 12’w x 20’l x 16′ h – were built in about two weeks by Boise-based Guerdon Enterprises, LLC, after which they were hauled and craned into place.  Installation took a mere six hours and Greenfab has several videos of the process.

HyBrid designed the home to be about 50% more efficient than a standard home of the same size.  It has advanced 24-inch framing, R26 walls, Fujitsu mini-split heat pump, GE Hybrid heat pump water heater, energy recovery ventilator, Convectair backup heating, and energy-efficient appliances.

The demonstration home will also have a 2.4 kW photovoltaic system that should offset roughly 23% of annual energy consumption.

But it’s not all about energy.  A 1,400-gallon rainwater cistern is used for on-site irrigation and toilet flushing, while three 300-gallon basins filter and treat shower, sink, and washing machine water for landscape usage.

When completed, there will be about 1,790 square feet of living space, including three bedrooms, two and three-quarters bathrooms, a planted rooftop deck, and an urban chicken coop.  Completion is expected in February 2011 for the home located at 1827 S Lane Street in Seattle.

[+] More info on Greenfab’s green prefab project in Seattle.

Credits: Greenfab.