Modlet-thinkeco-outlet ThinkEco just announced that it's taking orders from business clients for its flagship product called the Modlet, which is short for modern outlet.  Modlet is a smart outlet that monitors power usage and disconnects from the power to save energy when the plugged-in gadget isn't in use. 

In other words, Modlet was designed to help reduce and prevent plug-load electricity waste.  The smart outlet requires no time to install and a network of Modlets can be monitored for real-time consumption data, according to ThinkEco. 

ThinkEco says companies that install Modlets site-wide can achieve reductions of anywhere from 35-80% in power consumed by each plugged-in device, resulting in up to a 10% reduction in overall electricity costs. 

Upon filling out the order form, ThinkEco will conduct a site audit and recommend a deployment plan.  Once deployed, an admin can control when to turn off the electricity to certain electronics.  Each Modlet is supposed to pay for itself in six months or less. 

The company is also working on a consumer product for launch in spring 2011 and an expected price of $40, according to Martin LaMonica of CNET.  Would you use one?

Credit: ThinkEco.