Starting today, we're doing something that we've never done before.  Introducing The Ultimate Modern Gift Guide for the Holidays 2010,* which is a curated list of goods for design-savvy folks interested in green innovation.  This green gift guide has eight parts, which will be made available throughout the week.  With this first part, here are gifts that are perfect for the …



These colorful Moleskine-like books are made in the USA with 100% post-consumer recycled material.  Build your own planner, journal, sketchbook, or notebook by picking the style, cover, size, and color.  Purchase an Ecosystem for +$6.95.



The iPad is one of the most popular gadgets in the technology sector.  Apple designed the product with no PVC or BFR, as well as an arsenic-free, mercury-free display and recyclable aluminum and glass enclosure.  Purchase an iPad from Amazon for +$500.



Reports suggest that e-readers might be greener than books, especially when used by voracious readers.  Certainly the newest Kindle is one of the best e-readers around, and you won’t want to gift some second-rate version.  Purchase a Kindle 3 from Amazon for +$139.



This hand-painted puzzle is sold by Ten Thousand Villages, a fair trade retailer, and made with medium density fiberboard from fast-growing plantation pine.  With letters on one side and numbers on the other, the toy is sure to dazzle even the keenest of tikes.  Purchase a Crocodile Puzzle for $34.



The Sherpa 50 Adventure Kit — battery, charger, output, and solar — is made by Goal Zero, an innovative, socially-conscious company, and will help the most rugged adverturist get about 54 cellphone hours, 30 camera hours, and 100 radio hours in the wild.  Purchase an Adventure Kit from Goal Zero for $450.



The TRX Suspension Trainer is popular because it’s portable, easy to use, and relatively affordable.  Skip heavy equipment and frequent trips to the gym with a home workout and neighborhood jog.  Purchase a TRX from Fitness Anywhere for +$200.



There’s nothing overtly green about Flip Video, although there is something to be said for having a gadget that is simple, handy, and utilitarian — use this to capture 2 hours of 720p HD memory lane video.  Flip is well-designed and sold sans unnecessary cords, CDs, and other waste.  Purchase an UltraHD from Amazon for +$171.


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