KitHAUS just installed two prefab modules, a K3 and K4, in Arroyo Grande, California.  And if you’ve ever wanted to test out a tiny prefab, the company is running a contest over the next year called “ourHAUS yourHAUS kitHAUS” for the opportunity to stay a weekend in the fully equipped kitHAUS retreat.

12 winners will be announced over the next year with the idea that some entrepreneur, artist, designer, or writer could use the space for an “inspirational nudge.

All you have to do to enter is send in a video — no longer than five minutes — and a panel will select the winners based on “originality, creativity, and plain old cleverness.

KitHAUS, maker of the tiny Kpod, offers several models of modular structures built with aluminum framing and SIPs.  The K3 is a 117 square-foot structure selling from about $30,000, while the K4 with bathroom is a 187 square-foot structure selling from about $53,000.




[+] Enter ourHAUS yourHAUS kitHAUS for a weekend getaway.

Credits: KitHAUS.