Sally Kuchar, editor of Curbed SF, noticed these Boost Boxes at the Green Festival in San Francisco the other weekend.  The company that makes them, Boost Home, put a lot of work into making dead-simple, unintimidating boxes to help people increase their energy, water, and money savings.  Boxes include products, instructions, audit information, and other goodies.  Check out a few:

Window & Door Boost Box – $88
The Window and Door Boost Box includes 10 "weatherization dynmos" such as self-stick door sweep, door weather seal, window film, caulking cord, and other helpful information. 



Whole Home Energy Boost Box – $188
The Whole Home Energy Boost Box includes 14 "energy saving dynamos" such as CFLs, a programmable thermostat, a watt monitor, a motion activated light, and other information. 



Whole Home Water Boost Box – $168
The Whole Home Water Boost Box includes 20 "water saving superstars" such as water-efficient showerheads, sink aerators, toilet tank bags, toilet flappers, and other information. 


[+] See more DIY Boost Boxes from Boost Home.

Credits: Boost Home.