Colorado-based Ec Manufacturing started making structural insulated panels (SIPs) about a year and a half ago.  The company was studying 2009 building code and thinking about how to innovate their products, when someone decided the building industry could use a thermally broken lumber material.  That led to the creation of rSTUD.


rSTUD is made with laminated veneer lumber and a polyurethane foam bound by a patent-pending structure pack process.  The company says the insulated lumber has an R-value of 21.

Ec Manufacturing is testing the new product and in talks with companies about manufacturing and distributing.  Pricing is expected to be about $0.87 per linear foot and should become available in the first quarter next year.

With Passive House and what seems to be a growing interest in insulated, airtight structures, I thought it would be great to hear from readers on the potential advantages and disadvantages, if any, to a product like rSTUD.  Open up below, if you have a thought.


[+] More info on Insulated Lumber from rSTUD.

Credits: rSTUD.