If you’re thinking about raising chickens, there are a few ways to go about it.  You could build a retro Modern Coop or Quonset Coop.  Or, you could build a boxy coop with a green roof, like this one pictured here and featured in Dwell.  It’s framed with two-by-fours, insulated, sheathed with oriented strand board, covered in reclaimed cedar, ventilated with two upper windows, and topped with native landscaping, according to Miyoko Ohtake.


Architect Mitchell Snyder and architectural designer Shelley Martin decided to build the coop after some encouragement by a friend and success with their backyard garden.

Snyder and Martin modeled the hen house in Google SketchUp, taking into account common metrics for building these things.  They learned that that chickens need two square feet in the coop and four square feet in the run.  Then they added a hinged window on the side to access the eggs with ease.



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Credits: John Clark.