Spanish Lookotels is on a mission to build a new kind of hotel for modern consumers seeking quality at a low cost.  Each energy-efficient hotel will be prefabricated with up to 100 rooms and Lookotels has financing with plans to build 10 hotels in the next five years throughout Spain and Europe.  The company told us in an email that they're also looking for partners in the U.S.


Each room will have a sofa bed, TV, desk, chair, telephone, bathroom, automatic controls, wifi, and heating and cooling, according to Springwise

Rooms will be about 100 square feet, so they're not large by any means.  In order to keep costs down, the design will be low-maintenance and up to more than 40% more efficient than a typical hotel.  Hotels will be well insulated, controlled with smart technology, and lighted with energy efficient systems. 

Lookotels reminds me a lot of citizenM, although perhaps the former is going after an even more affordable market.  CitizenM works well near airports, while Lookotels has also received some interest in the airport hotel market. 

All things considered, the Lookotels concept presents a refreshing vision for the next generation of hotels.  I would stay in one, wouldn't you?



Credits: Lookotels.