Just a heads up to homeowners, builders, and contractors. I received word from Atlas Media that they’re casting for a new show on the DIY Network called “Ultimate Home Builders.” Ultimate Home Builders will document the new home building process with a different home each episode and your project could be included in this new series.

Construction should be ready to begin no later than the end of this month, October 2010.

So, if you’re involved with a new project, why not share what you’re doing? Perhaps DIY Network viewers could benefit from some inspiration on the topic of building science, green building, prefab construction, Passive House – you name it.

Atlas Media has openings for several homes in a wide array of styles for the first season of the new show. These homes can be located anywhere in the U.S.  Each episode will observe the building process from the builder and homeowner perspective, particularly as they run into various decisions and challenges.

Good luck, if you’re interested. Let me know if you make a connection, because I’ll be watching.

[+] Click for more info on Ultimate Home Builders.