I’ve always loved recycled paper countertops and recently noticed ShetkaStone from All Paper Recycling.  SketkaStone is made with old paper and can be used in countertops, vanities, sills, and moldings.  It will also hold up to use; the manufacturer told me in an email that no other similar product on the market “can match our durability.”


Which is a bold statement.  The product is made in Minnesota with post-consumer and post-industrial cardboard, newsprint, and retired United States currency.  

Depending on the binding agents used, SketkaStone will have anywhere from 55-90% total recycled content.  It can be sealed with a no-VOC finish and is water resistant, stain resistant, scratch resistant, and fire rated.

The material is available in three finishes, gloss, satin, and matte, as well as seven standard colors (and a number of custom colors, too).  All projects are finish fabricated and shipped from Le Center, Minnesota.

ShetkaStone is also recyclable.  Some people say that’s not a big deal, but in the future, the company will recycle old ShetkaStone surfaces into a new ShetkaStone product.  In other words, there’s an opportunity to keep this out of the waste stream.




[+] Get more info on Recycled Paper ShetkaStone.

Credits: All Paper Recycling.