I just recently learned of this contemporary retreat designed by CCS Architecture for an eight-person family.  The 2,800 square-foot home sits on a picturesque, 20-acre site nestled about five miles inland from the beach town of Aptos, California.  It's a vacation place, which some of you won't think is all that green, but the owners and design team worked to make the $1.8 million project a low-impact one. 


Aptos Retreat has an interesting mixture of wood, stone, steel, concrete, and glass, which provides a contemporary but rustic vibe.  There's reclaimed barn wood siding, Corten steel roofing, and abundant operable windows. 

The kitchen features a large walnut slab island, eye-catching custom cabinetry, and cedar wall paneling.  At the same time, a solar thermal system is used to warm water for the regular use, radiant floor heating, and pool heating. 

Also, the design has a south-facing orientation for passive solar gain and natural ventilation shafts for passive cooling.  Together with skylights and numerous high-performance windows, there isn't much need for artificial lighting during the day.  However, when there is, the owners use halogen, incandescent, and fluorescent lighting. 

The owners, when away from San Francisco, now use this reclaimed style retreat for partying, cooking, swimming, gardening, and getting together. 






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Credits: CCS Architecture.