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Jerry Yudelson is a green building leader, but he’s also a professional engineer with a master’s degree in water resource development.  Relying on this background, Yudelson authored a new book called Dry Run: Preventing the Next Urban Water Crisis.  The truth is, as he explains, the global human population is expected to quadruple from 1950 to 2050, placing more and more stress on water resources.  Swift action is necessary to prevent a water crisis, and Dry Run provides a timely set of solutions.

New Society Publishers provided us with a review copy of the book, which focuses on urban water use, as opposed to agriculture or industry use.  Yudelson discusses water crises all over the world (including Australia) and concludes that the general public needs to develop a “culture of conservation.”

Gathering research and information from interviews of industry experts, the author deftly handles a variety of topics, including the difference between water efficiency and conservation, the linkage between energy and water use, and the relationship between various certification systems and water usage.

Yudelson devotes a solid portion of text to what he calls the colors of water: blue water, graywater, brown water, blackwater, green water, zen water, and new water.  After that, Yudelson examines two Texas cities and two California cities — all hit with varying degrees of drought — and how each city successfully managed water issues.

Speaking to activists, citizens, building managers, homeowners, designers, developers, and officials alike, Yudelson concludes with a 10-step program to drastically reduce water consumption and create green jobs at the same time.  It’s an important book for our generation and worth reading, particularly if you’re interested in doing something about water scarcity before it becomes a massive societal problem.

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