If Apple were to sell a homes, perhaps they would look something like this.  The v100 Mod Box is a 10′ x 10′ x 10′ cube made with green materials, state of the art appliances, and stylish fixtures.  It’s a new kind of structure that can be assembled by anyone — no tools required — and lives comfortably despite the fact that its footprint is so tiny.


Shown is a pair of Mod Boxes.  One box has the kitchen and living room, while the other has the bedroom and bathroom.  Amenities include walnut cabinets, an induction cooktop, a Fagor refrigerator, and Duravit sinks and shower and toilet.

The company that makes the v100 Mod Box was co-founded by Vincenz Saccento, an industry veteran behind the V2 Flat.  Saccento told me in a telephone conversation that v100 Mod Box will cost about the same as “stick and stucco” construction but the real value is in quick and easy assembly.

Mod Box can be used for larger applications, such as for hotels and multifamily projects.  Saccento is working on a few such projects with builder and co-founder Robert Antonio Mazzullo and will share more detail in the coming months.

In the mean time, keep in mind that this tiny prefab requires no nails, no screws, and no paint.  It’s low-maintenance and can be built anywhere in the world.  If it is what it sounds like, it could be the next generation of prefab and completely revolutionary.




[+] Get more info on the v100 Mod Box.

Credits: Andrew Urban.