Today, the GreenCycler is making its debut at West Coast Green 2010.  This is a "small-footprint" countertop or cabinet appliance that shreds organic kitchen waste and deposits it in a storage and transfer container.  In other words, GreenCycler is helpful in pre-composting waste into a size that's just right for quick composting. 

Ingenious Marketing, LLC, the company behind the product, says GreenCycler will help users reduce kitchen waste and speed up decomposition without making a big mess. 

The company is offering GreenCycler for pre-order starting today.  The all-in-one kitchen waste system measures 12.25” H x 11.5” W x 10” D, and includes a hand-crank grinder, replaceable stainless-steel blade cartridge system, integrated charcoal filter, cutting-board scraper, storage tray, and food hopper. 

According to the EPA, about 97% of valuable kitchen scraps are sent to landfills, so there's clearly a market in need of help, particularly with new laws (e.g., San Francisco) that require the composting of food scraps and material. 

GreenCycler is best for composters, cooks, gardeners, septic system owners, and anyone in an area that requires composting. 

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Credits: Ingenious Marketing, LLC.