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Seattle allows backyard cottages — legally referred to as detached accessory dwelling units (DADU) — in certain single-family situations.  These structures aren't without controversy but can helpful when taking on a renter or housing extra family.  BjarkoSerra Architects designed this DADU for a family in Beacon Hill, and it will be built in the next year or so to a Built Green 5-Star rating. 

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As shown in the rendering above, Beacon Hill DADU will have abundant windows for natural lighting, SIPs for an airtight and energy-efficient envelope, and rainwater harvesting for garden irrigation and stormwater management. 

Clad in Western Red Cedar, the project will also have roof-mounted solar systems for hot water and electricity and will be built with recycled and otherwise green materials.  I'll try to follow up with this DADU upon the completion of construction.  It will be beautiful. 

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Credit: BjarkoSerra Architects.