Michelle Kaufmann just announced the launch of three new prefab homes available exclusively through Studio 101 Designs and built by Blazer Industries.  These homes — Ridge0, Vista0, and Contours0 — are part of the Zero Series designed to produce as much energy as is needed over the course of a year.  As you can tell from the renderings, they're undeniably contemporary and seemingly approachable at the same time.


Zero Series homes will be prefabricated to require minimal button up work using tested systems and materials.  Contours0 and Vista0 focus on outdoor aspects as much as indoor living, while Ridge0 was designed with Passive House standards in mind. 

These new homes range in size from 422 to 2643 square feet and prices start at $66,500.  All of them prioritize the five eco principles of smart design, eco materials, energy efficiency, water conservation, and healthy environment.  

You'll recall that MKD, Michelle Kaufmann's prior company, shut down and was bought out by Blu Homes.  Prefabs by the old company will be made available by Blu Homes over time. 

Blu just re-launched the old website, mkd-arc, and intends to announce a revised Glidehouse in mid-August, according to Maura McCarthy, co-founder and vice president of sales and marketing of Blu Homes.  Reflecting on today's news, McCarthy told us in an email, "[Kaufmann] is a very talented designer and proponent in this industry and we appreciate our relationship with her."  

So while the prior designs still live on (and will be transformed by Blu's folding technology), the Zero Series opens up some new opportunities for folks looking to build an energy-efficient green home. 





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Credits: Michelle Kaufmann Studio.