Perhaps you read a recent article in the NY Times on portable shelters.  In the article, Jim Robbins discusses the relief housing efforts of a few organizations and companies that I've noticed over the years.  These houses, often prefabricated and flat-packed, typically assemble in a short amount of time with simple, available tools.  Check out these three home designs below and, if you're aware of any similar endeavors, feel free to share a link below. 

Abōd by BSB Design


Location: West Des Moines, Iowa
Pricing from $4,950 + Shipping
Order: http://www.myabod.com

The Habihut


Location: Bozeman, Montana
Pricing from $2,500 (when ordering 36 units)
Order: http://www.thehabihut.com

U-Dome by World Shelters


Location: Arcata, California
Pricing from $2,495
Order: http://worldshelters.org