Generally speaking, traditional construction can be inefficient and wasteful, while prefab construction can be non-local and expensive.  Somewhere in between, you might imagine, is a potential sweet spot where homes can be built in a smart, green, approachable, and modern way.  That’s what a Portland team is trying to do with Minimalist+ and their new SiteFab building process.


Minimalist+ SiteFab homes have been designed to cost anywhere from $160-180 per square foot, which includes permitting and professional fees (assuming a level lot) and excludes the cost of land.

The idea is to build a home in a short amount of time using a mixture of prefabricated and site-built elements.  Factory work would include framing and sheathing, while site work would include mostly everything else.

The price depends on whether the homeowner goes with a light or dark green package, or somewhere in between, as explained on the website.

Minimalist+ is supported by a team with the modern design by Michelle Jeresek, land acquisition and broker assistance by David Todd and Steve Strode, and construction services by Jeff Lightfoot.



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Credits: Minimalist+.