One of the entries this year in Project Playhouse, an annual fundraiser by HomeAid, is a net-zero playhouse called the Ocean Adventure Lab.  The structure, designed by LPA Inc. and built by Turner Construction, will be auctioned off in early September.  In the mean time, it's on display at the Irvine Spectrum Center illustrating a number of sustainable elements. 


Ocean Adventure Lab was built with reclaimed and recycled materials, natural wool insulation, a composite wood structure, energy-efficient lighting and LEDs, recycled content panels and siding by Trex Accents, and Black Label photovoltaics from Suntech.  

Though the playhouse isn't eligible for certification, for using LEED design and construction practices, the local green building chapter will bestow an honorary certification with a bamboo plaque on the project team later this month.

According to estimates provided by LPA, Ocean Adventure Lab probably cost somewhere between $8,000-$10,000 to design and build.  But what's the fun in knowing that … it'll probably sell for two to three times that amount at the charity auction on September 10, 2010.  


Ocean-lab-project-playhouse-net-zero3 Ocean-lab-project-playhouse-net-zero4


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Credits: LPA Inc.