Planted in the middle of a new vineyard in Newberg, a small town in Willamette Valley, The Allison Inn and Spa is doing some amazing things in terms of reducing the ecological footprint associated with typically high-impact hospitality operations.  According to projections, the resort and vineyard was designed by GGLO to save 48% on utility costs, as well as reduce potable water irrigation use by 78% and fixture water use by 37%, compared to a comparable non-green project. 


The Allison was completed in September last year and has been certified to the LEED Gold level.  The project includes 85 guest rooms, conference space, a spa, and a restaurant that sources a portion of its herbs, fruits, and vegetables on-site. 

In addition to a 10,000 square green roof (pictured below), which helps control stormwater runoff and incorporates solar hot water panels, The Allison is powered in part by a 55 kW photovoltaic array.  Roughtly 3,800 square feet of solar hot water is collected on the roof for use in the kitchen, laundry, guest rooms, and spa. 

All together, The Allison received everything but two points in the energy category of LEED certification.  Other elements that contribute toward energy conservation include double-pane windows, variable refrigerant volume heating and cooling, and energy-efficient lighting and controls. 

About nine acres of the total project has a unique eco-turf that requires no fertilizer and little water, while providing a natural habitat.  There's also a purple pipe system that will be connected to the city's reclaimed water line in the future to completely eliminate the use of potable water for landscape irrigation at The Allison

The resort features 325 pieces of art from local artists.  Furthermore, 24% of materials are regionally sourced and manufactured, 28% of materials contain recycled content, and just over half of wood products are FSC certified. 



Green Roof Cropped

Naturalized Lawn


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Credits: Barbara Kraft Photography (#2); GGLO (all others).