This is one of the largest succulent walls in southern California with 60 individual panels and just under 3,000 succulents.  The massive vertical wall was installed at the True Food Kitchen in Newport Beach and designed by Joe Zazzera.  Plant Solutions specified the wall, plant type, plumbing, irrigation, electricity, and drainage. 

Zazzera told us in an email that a wall like this will cost just under $100 per square foot to design and install. Though an optimistic DIYer could try to do one for less, Zazzera says improper plant selection and watering systems will increase the failure rate.  Kind of like this wall across the pond.

I've embedded some photos below of the installation process, from the waterproofing through the irrigation feeder tubing.  The end result — all 180 square feet — is quite stunning you'll likely agree. 






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Credits: Joe Zazzera, Plant Solutions, Inc.