The tiny house movement experienced a surge of sorts when a recent video hit front page Yahoo! But the movement has been growing in popularity over time, especially during the rough and tumble of the last few years.  Tiny houses often include green elements or can be seen as inherently green because they’re small and require tiny amounts of water and energy.  PBS picked up on the topic and published this video embedded above.

Tiny houses are interesting and inspiring.  Frivolous use of space simply can’t be allowed, and objects usually work double- or triple-duty.  Roofs capture rainwater and provide shade.  Furniture transforms to a various uses.  Here are a few tiny homes worth seeing:

Tiny homes tend to attract DIYers and folks seeking a new way of living.  Plans are available for purchase all over the place.  Some of the main companies include Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, Tiny Texas Houses, Portland Alternative Dwellings, and Tiny Green Cabins, to name a few.

If you have a green tiny house project, we’d love to talk and share some of what you’ve discovered here on Jetson Green.  Indeed, we’ve been thinking about our own modern tiny house project for several months and may just push it forward. It’s only a matter of time …