Fireclay Tile, a manufacturer of recycled content ceramic tiles in California, recently launched a new offering called the Express Series Quickship Tile.  It’s made with more than 62% locally sourced recycled content and, according to the company, contains “more post-consumer and pre-consumer waste than any other tile on the market.

The Express Series is available in six glaze colors (moss, hemp, pacific, skyline, biscuit gloss, and white wash) and 3×6, 4×4, and 6×6 inch sizes.

The new line is a variation of the company’s Debris Series, which averages about $24 per square foot.  Express is roughly 25% cheaper than Debris Series and ships within one week of order.

In terms of LEED credits, Express Series may contribute to points for low-emitting materials, recycled materials, and regional manufacturing.  The product is made from bag-house dust from local glass suppliers, recycled granite dust, and abrasives leftover from cleaning water pipes.

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Credits: Fireclay Tile.