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Island Press, a nonprofit that publishes environmental books from thought leaders, was kind enough to send us a new book by Patrick M. Condon called Seven Rules for Sustainable Communities: Design Strategies for the Post-Carbon World.  Condon starts out with the premise that cities are responsible for 80% of all greenhouse gas emissions and, since cities are the major cause of the problem, builds a set of rules as the solution. 

Without elaborating on the detailed research in the book explaining the basis for each rule, Condon provides the following framework:

  1. Restore the Streetcar City;
  2. Design an Interconnected Street System;
  3. Locate Commercial Services, Frequent Transit, and Schools within a Five-minute Walk;
  4. Locate Good Jobs Close to Affordable Homes;
  5. Provide a Diversity of Housing Types;
  6. Create a Linked System of Natural Areas and Parks; and
  7. Invest in Lighter, Greener, Cheaper, Smarter Infrastructure. 

Condon advocates for revising cities with these rules to not only reduce GHG emissions but to improve the livability of communities and reduce consumption and pollution.

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