A couple years ago we mentioned that the University of California San Diego was in the process of installing rows of Solar Trees on top of the Hopkins and Gilman Parking Structures.  These parking lots, and the company that makes them, Envision Solar, received a mention by the NY Times recently.  That's because Envision Solar has a novel approach — putting solar and shade in otherwise unused and unshaded parking lots. 

But Envision Solar isn't just about solar and shade.  As the infrastructure for electric cars rolls out, electric car owners may prefer to fill up in lots that source a portion of electricity from solar and other renewable energy sources. 

A couple of Dell's Solar Trees, located in the parking lot of the company's Round Rock headquarters, are wired with CleanCharge stations to recharge electric vehicles. 

On the topic, Robert Noble, founder of Envision Solar, was paraphrased and quoted as saying, "perhaps in 20 years’ time, there will be a 'hyperconvergence' of transportation, energy, and infrastructure in which distributed solar will play a major role," according to the NY Times.

When that day comes, Envision Solar will be the place to go, because the company is already installing Solar Trees, Solar Rows, and Solar Groves in parking lots all over the country. 




[+] Get more information on Solar Trees from Envision Solar.

Media credits: Envision Solar.