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Last month, Shaw invited a number of bloggers to Atlanta for the launch of a new carpet product called Tigressá SoftStyle.  While we were invited, we were not able to participate, so the company sent us a sample kit for review.  The kit includes a new patch and one that’s been tested with 20,000 steps, and they’re both just as soft — I can’t tell a difference between the two.  Hence, the tagline: The Softer, Stronger Carpet.


And that’s one aspect of Tigressá that Shaw wants to promote.  According to Charles & Hudson, the new carpet has a tightly wound triangular fiber design that shows “less matting, crushing, and wear” while still remaining silky soft.

In terms of sustainability, it’s hard to compete in the flooring world where most every flooring choice has its benefits and drawbacks.  Shaw says all the ingredients used to make the carpet “meet rigorous standards for environmental safety and human health.

In addition, the fibers are made of Nylon 6, which can be recycled over and over again.  Shaw recycles Nylon 6 carpets at its Evergreen Nylon Recycling facility in Augusta, Georgia.

We understand that Shaw is selling Tigressá in 31 color styles, and will donate a certain portion of sales of the new carpet to the Save the Tiger Fund by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

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[+] Learn more about Tigressá SoftStyle from Shaw.

Media credit: Shaw.