Due to the popularity of the Shack, an off-the-grid house in West Virginia, Broadhurst Architects, Inc., decided to design another shelter for individuals looking for a weekend retreat, home yoga studio, backyard home office, or a cluster of small eco-cabins.  The firm created The Crib and two home models undeniably inspired by corn cribs. 


The Basic Crib includes 175 square feet of roofed space and 125 square feet of exterior deck space.  The tiny structure is open to the elements (other than optional screen panels and doors) and can be assembled in a few days. 

The Full Crib includes 250 square feet of enclosed space and 125 square feet of exterior deck space.  This structure is assembled and finished with SIPs roofing and flooring in about two or three weeks.  

Green features, some optional and others not, include LED and CFL lighting, efficient heating and cooling systems, rainwater recapture, and construction with recyclable materials. Perhaps if you're interested in one of these, you can likely go as green as your money will take you. 



The-crib-exterior-night-right The-crib-exterior-night-left

[+] Learn more about The Crib from Broadhurst Architects, Inc.

Rendering credits: The Crib; noticed at Design Milk