I first noticed NovuStone at 1105 Dwell, a green development in Seattle. NovuStone is a green surface material made with about 75% recycled content, of which 100% can be post-consumer recycled glass. It’s fabricated in Seattle of locally-sourced materials without steam or pressure curing and available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Novustone-white-noise Novustone-yellow-brown

When it comes to recycled content surfaces, or even green countertops, options seem endless. If you’re looking for tiny glass pieces in the surface, you may check out Micro or the Refined Collection from IceStone.

However, if you’re in the Pacific Northwest, you’ll definitely want to consider Fuez and NovuStone. Counter products all differ – variables include the look, feel, content, binder, sealer, manufacture, transportation, etc — so consider all the attributes to find what works best for your situation.




[+] Learn more about recycled content NovuStone

Photo credits: NovuStone.