This luxury green home, 2002 Alpine, is the kind of place that may make you feel uncomfortable with preconceived notions of luxury, home size, and sustainability. The $3.5 million home was precision built in a WeberHaus factory in Germany and is expected to use only 18% of the total energy consumed by the average American home. The interior is also entirely hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

2002-alpine-exterior-rear 2002-alpine-exterior-rear2

As tough as it is to imagine, 2002 Alpine was designed and built to have a small carbon impact and to last a long time (i.e., more than 100 years). Even the lighting is low-maintenance: they’re all LEDs.

The luxury home was designed by Studio H:T and assembled on-site by Vireo. The manufacturing partner, WeberHaus, uses a CAD-CAM process to minimize waste from construction. In the end, construction created only 2% waste.

Including the entire process of factory construction, transportation, site construction, and home performance over time, the developer indicates that this home has less than 20% of the carbon impact of the average American home.

That said, not counting the garage, 2002 Alpine has 4,335 square feet of living space, which includes three stories consisting of an open luxurious kitchen, living room, dining room, theater, wine cellar, rooftop terrace, master suite, and an elevator everywhere in between.

With all this, 2002 Alpine is not by any means impact free, so maybe the phrase “Save the world by living in luxury” is a touch overblown. But with minimal construction waste, energy efficiency, on-site solar generation, and healthy interiors, 2002 Alpine is definitely an hyper eco luxury home.







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Media credits: 2002 Alpine.