Helios-bend-front-door Helios-bend-side-yard

If you've been to Bend, Oregon — smack dab in the center of the state on the dry side — you know it's a cool place with a ton of outdoor, vacation, and eco-friendly options.  That's why the owners of this vacation rental, Helios NW Eco-House, decided to go ahead and earn LEED Gold certification. It's actually, according to the owners' research, the first vacation rental home in the state to receive this level of certification. 


Helios was designed first to conserve energy.  Energy-efficient elements include hydronic radiant heat powered by a high-efficiency boiler, Energy Star appliances, low-e windows, CFLs, and high R-value wall and attic insulation. 

Additional green features include PaperStone countertops, cork tiles, FSC certified lumber for framing, low-VOC paints, wool carpeting, recycled content Eco-Terr tiles, an aluminum roof, dual-flush toilets, low-flow plumbing fixtures, reclaimed walnut accents, xeriscaped yard, and a fresh air exchange system. 

At the same time, for the benefit of visitors, Helios is maintained with natural bath and cleaning products by Lavabelles Vacation Rentals.  And, speaking of vacation rentals, while in Oregon, you may want to check out a weeHouse prefab on the coast in Oceanside. 






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Photo credits: Chris & Sarah Peskin.