Energy-wise-landscape-design Update: this book giveaway has concluded, thank you all for participating!

When you think about sustainable landscaping, you probably consider water efficiency and using low-maintenance native plantings.  But do you think about energy efficiency?  Cooling the air, cooling the ground, and harnessing the sun, wind, and water?  Landscape architect Sue Reed has put together a comprehensive resource on the topic in Energy-Wise Landscape Design: A New Approach for your Home and Garden.  In the new book by New Society Publishers, Reed explains how to save money and energy, while creating a beautiful and natural landscape.

The publisher was kind enough to send us a review copy of Reed’s book, which covers the following topics:

  • Ch1: The Sun and the Wind
  • Ch2: Shading the House
  • Ch3: Cooling the Air Around the House
  • Ch4: Cooling the Ground Near the House
  • Ch5: Taking Advantage of the Sun’s Heat
  • Ch6: Reducing the Chilling Effect of Winter Wind
  • Ch7: Creating Healthy Working Ecosystems
  • Ch8: Reducing (or Eliminating) Lawn
  • Ch9: Using Water Efficiently
  • Ch10: Fitting the Landscape to the Land
  • Ch11: Designing the Car Zone
  • Ch12: Making the Most of Every Element
  • Ch13: Situating New Homes with Energy in Mind
  • Ch14: Installing and Maintaining Planted Areas
  • Ch15: Building Structures in the Landscape
  • Ch16: Constructing New Homesites
  • Ch17: Making Electricity from Sunlight
  • Ch18: Generating Electricity from the Wind
  • Ch19: Harnessing the Energy of Flowing Water
  • Ch20: Capturing the Warmth of the Ground
  • Ch21: Lighting with Energy in Mind

Reed provides general guidelines backed up by design tips, construction tips, and action items to implement the guidelines successfully.  As a result, I think you’ll find Energy-Wise Landscape Design both highly informative and simply understood at the same time.

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