The folks at Plant Solutions installed this vibrant living wall in a conference room of their Scottsdale office. The TerraScreen Living Wall is made with two 4'x4' panels, which are made with a black, powder-coated, galvanized steel wire, and brackets that attach to the wall. The panels protrude a little less than five inches from the wall.

Plants are placed in 6" no-hole cachepots and an irrigation system keeps them watered. This installation has pothos plants with colorful Neoregelia Medusa variety, according to Living Wall Art.

Green walls, like other interior plants, not only bring a slice of nature to the unnatural, but they also capture airborne pollution through absorption or by sticking to the plants. They can be good for indoor air quality.

Living walls are popular these days, especially with a NY Times article on the topic by Kristina Shevory, “Gardens that Grow on Walls.”  It should be clear, though, they require care and a plan with respect to irrigation, lighting, nutrition, and plant choice. Some living walls die, while other green walls thrive.




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Photo credits: Plant Solutions.