Architect Arthur Dyson is working with construction management students at Fresno State to create an unprecedented “Eco-Village” of tiny homes for homeless folks. The homes will be made of recycled materials – pallet flooring and framing, waterproofed cardboard walls, aluminum can roofing – and some donated materials from Lowe’s, according to The Fresno Bee.


The green community would have several tiny homes amidst fruit trees and landscaping, while a main building would house kitchen and bathroom facilities, as well as shops for residents to sell things they’ve made or grown.

The first homes are under construction, as pictured, and will be as small as 80 square feet. But they don’t have a plot selected for the Eco-Village and will need one soon.

Fresno State contributed $20,000 to the effort, and Gregory Barfield, the city’s point man in preventing homelessness, is ready to help Dyson and company find an adequate site for the community.

If successful, it seems like Dyson’s Eco-Village could provide a model for future communities elsewhere. Students get valuable experience in sustainability and construction, while landfill material gets reused and folks in need get a cozy shelter from the elements.





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Media credit: Darrell Wong/The Fresno Bee.