Copeland Casati, founder of Green Cabin Kits and Green Modern Kits, is busy these days.  When she's not working on her own passive solar casa ti, she's helping folks across the country with theirs.  Casati also just unveiled a revamped and newly engineered Dogtrot Mod Kit House, which is an energy-efficient 1,500 square-foot home with a 500 square-foot screened porch in the middle. 


Green Cabin Kits aims to provide an affordable option for homeowners in need of something that's well-designed, energy-efficient, and not necessarily custom. 

The Dogtrot Mod kit, for instance, is available nationally for $35,795.08.  The price includes design documents and SIPs for the floor, walls, and roof (while the homeowner purchases and determines how the rest is finished). 

Upon delivery, the homeowner then works with a local contractor to put everything together and button up the home to code. 





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Media credits: Green Cabin Kits.