German HUF Haus makes these beautiful, modern, post-and-beam homes through precision engineering and factory manufacturing.  The homes are expensive but a HUF house is energy efficient, spacious, and high tech.  HUF is a unique participant in the green prefab world with their signature floor-to-ceiling windows and clean lines.


Lighting, shades, and systems can all be controlled through a central system, while glue-laminated, sustainably harvested Scandinavian spruce beams hold up the structure.  Large overhangs, triple-glazed windows, good insulation, and air-tight construction help make these homes extremely efficient.

DotGreen, a sales office based out of Cleveland, Ohio, is licensed to sell and distribute HUF houses all throughout the country.  They’ll be fabricated in Germany and shipped overseas, with prices from $450 – $600 per square foot, according to Builder Magazine.

Builder also reports that HUF Haus builds about 150 – 200 homes per year in Europe and has one in the U.S. so far.  If you get into the design stage with one, let us know.  We’d like to follow the process.





[+] Learn more about HUF Haus from DotGreen.

Photo credits: HUF Haus.