The energy monitoring space is crowded, but chances are, you've seen the EnergyHub here and there.  Perhaps you're in one of three utility pilots testing the product, which was named a Best Invention by Time last year.  With EnergyHub, consumers can link up a dashboard, thermostat, plugs, and strips to *both* monitor and control energy use from home, a mobile device, or the internet. 

Similar to the eMonitor from Powerhouse Dynamics (when paired with smart devices), EnergyHub has the ability to be more than a monitor.  EnergyHub communicates using the ZigBee protocol and gives consumers the ability to control smart devices with ease.  

The touchscreen interface was designed for simplicity with three control options: home, away, and goodnight.  The away option is similar to a whole house "off" switch that powers down anything that doesn't need to run. 

EnergyHub hopes to make its products available at retail stores and online by the end of 2010, according to SPEC.  The dashboard and thermostat may cost about $250, while the smart plugs or sockets will run about $35 each, according to CNET

The Department of Energy says homeowners can save ~10% a year on heating and cooling costs when using a programmable thermostat to power down while asleep or away.  Imagine how much energy savings folks could recognize with something like this controlling not only heating and cooling functions, but electronics, appliances, and (potentially) lighting, too. 

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Media credit: EnergyHub.