Hill-end-ecohouse-rear-view Hill-end-ecohouse-roof-lines

Homeowners in Brisbane, Australia, just received keys to the Hill End Ecohouse, a six-star home designed by Riddel Architecture and built by Peagram Builders.  Located on a small lot, the Ecohouse incorporates 95% of salvaged material from the previously existing 1930s home and a total of about 80% recycled content.  Ecohouse also stores 71,000 liters of water and treats gray water on-site for toilet use. 


Ecohouse is self-sufficient in water, and, according to Dexigner, has a monitoring system to "measure the use of energy, gas, and water, as well as temperature and humidity.

Riddel Architecture designed the home to maximize indoor and outdoor connections and to allow ample natural lighting inside.  All the appliances are energy efficient, and so is the lighting (e.g., LEDs and CFLs), while solar power provides hot water and electricity sufficient to meet all needs. 

The site is full of edible landscaping, which is nurtured by rainwater and treated gray water.  The same goes with other plantings that provide shade, privacy, and cooling. 

[+] Learn more about the green details of this Hill End Ecohouse.


Hill-end-ecohouse-kitchen-stairs Hill-end-ecohouse-stairs

Hill-end-ecohouse-study Hill-end-ecohouse-deck


Photo credits: Chris Frederick Jones; noticed at Dexigner.