G•O Logic, a design-build collaboration of architect Matthew O’Malia and builder Alan Gibson, has been working on a prototype home with considerable aspirations.  When complete, Gibson and O’Malia hope the net-zero energy home receives both Passive House and LEED Platinum certification.  The Belfast home has about 1,500 square feet of space and could go on the market for a price as low as $225,000, according to The Maine Public Broadcasting Network.


This home was designed to use 90% less energy for heating.  “Proper solar orientation, fanatical air sealing, reduced thermal bridging, and ultra-high-performance German windows help the building meet an annual energy consumption target of 120 kilowatts per square meter,” according to Residential Architect.

It’s being constructed with an optimized and engineered timber frame, a shell of SIPs, and an insulated concrete foundation slab.  Upon completion, the house will be rented for two years, while G•O Logic will monitor performance to determine whether energy use targets have been accomplished.

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Photo credits: Maine Public Broadcasting and G•O Logic.