Last time we mentioned Reclaimed Space, the company had just finished selling a small home on eBay for about $75,100 (after a bidding war involving several celebrities).  But business is good for the Austin-based company that builds homes out of materials reclaimed from deconstructed homes and old projects.  This home was recently delivered to its owners and will be used as a custom sewing space in Marfa, Texas.

Other than the reclaimed materials used, the home was designed and built to be green in other ways with recycled content blown insulation, passive solar design, and natural ventilation — all strategies that keep energy use low.

Reclaimed Spaces are factory-built, unique, and exude character as you’ll rarely see in a new home. Pricing starts at ~$35,000 and can run ~$115-$160 per square foot, depending on features included in the home.

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Photo credits: Reclaimed Space.